Welcome to the Penn's Wall Highland Games

Games are held the weekend following Labor Day every year in celebration of the Scots heritage of the Southern Lancaster and Chester County region. We are a proud part of the Covenanter Scottish Festival.

Proud part of the Covenanter Scottish Festival

Our Field

The games will be held on the field adjoining the Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church and across the street from the Old Covenanter’s Church.
1188 Valley Road, Quarryville, PA

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Swords will be awarded to our A Class and Masters champions, short spears to second place and axes to third place. All of the prizes are from Cold Steel and they are sharp so beware if you enter the house of any of the winners of our games.

Meet those who will test you

As is true for most sports, it is even more true for the Highland Games, you are up against your history, the elements, and the implements that measure your strength. So here are the implements that will be your adversaries on that day. A few of them have names to remind you of the day you met on the field.

Wha' y'dooin' just sittin' ne'? Come an' throw a stone or too wi' the wee lads o' this glen.

The Events

We hold all of the events that you would expect plus one of our own making.

The Prizes

If you come an “toss a few”, you might end up taking home one of these.

The Name

The Penn’s Wall name has some historic significance.  Check it out.

I want to keep in touch

It will be great to have you.  There is a Celtic Festival going on at the same time so bring your family.  The wee bairns will have plenty to do along with watching you toss the caber and the stone.

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