Walk in the light of our eternal King


The ways of the Kingdom are
    not the ways of the world
        So shed anger, sin, and disruption
            And embrace the light that now shines in your soul
        May the Spirit of Christ purify and seal you
    So you emerge from the darkness
And walk in the light of our eternal King.


The paths of the Kingdom are not those of the world.
    They are high-ways well lit by the light of our God.
        Those who find them shed anger, sin, and contention
            And don garments of praise, joy, and peace.
        May the Spirit of Christ purify and seal you
    So you emerge from the darkened pathways
And walk in the light of our eternal King.

in response to Ephesians 4.17-32, “Instructions for Christian Living”

The love of Christ will penetrate and transform


Together, let us fix our eyes on Unity.
    To achieve it, we all must be changed;
        To apprehend it, we must grow and mature,
            For with it, the love of Christ will penetrate and transform.
        Let’s then be quick to listen to those God has given
    Let’s embrace our role right where we stand
Let’s move with one heart, with one Spirit, one cause,
    And spread His love across the land.


The Lord walks with us all of our lives
    He gives the wise to equip us.
        He stirs us by His Spirit
            To grow, to mature in His ways.
        So, let’s move now with one Spirit;
    With one faith, embrace our world.
Let’s go now, with the blessing of our Father,
    and sing the glory of His Kingdom everywhere.

response to Ephesians 4.1-16, “Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ”

My life can never be the same


I went to the Lord for understanding
    And He opened to me the riches of His kingdom.
        He gave His Spirit to strengthen me;
            He gave me Faith where Christ could live;
        He placed in me His boundless, overwhelming Love;
    And opened my heart, filling it to overflowing.
Because He touched me, I now understand
    And my life can never be the same.

in response to Ephesians 3.14-21, “A Prayer for the Ephesians”

Members together of one body, secured


As one Holy Temple, rising on the foundation of apostles and prophets,
    The long awaited reality of God’s provision is now declared.
        Coheirs with Israel of the Kingdom;
            Members together of one body, secured;
        Sharers together of the promise in Jesus;
    God’s wisdom has been proclaimed and the darkness will yield!
The way is open for the faithful to enter
    the Most Holy Place, the inner precincts of our God.


Consider those bound by the cruel chains of slavery
    Whose hearts are ground down by helplessness and despair.
Consider the foreigner who is never accepted
    Whose desires are dashed by rejection and scorn.
Consider the gulf that separates immigrants from their families
    Or the walls that prevent understanding and hope
Then you will know something of God’s wonderful Gospel
    That opens the way for His children to come Home.

in response to Ephesians 3.1-13, “God’s Marvelous Plan for the Gentiles”

Bound together by the Spirit of Christ


No longer foreigners and aliens;
    No longer Jew and Gentile
        But One people, one Holy people
            Bound together by the Spirit of Christ.
        Nevermore will we be divided.
    Together we proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Together we live at peace with each other and
    the One who gave His life to secure it.


No longer strangers and aliens,
    But a peculiar people;
        Citizens of the kingdom,
            One with the saints of old,
        Members of God’s household.
    Infused with His Spirit,
We rise as the dwelling place of the Most High
    and a testimony of His loving-kindness to the most low.

in response to Ephesians 2.11-22, “Jew and Gentile Reconciled through Christ”