Champion’s prize

To our champions in both the A Class and Masters flights we award a sword. This year’s award is styled after a legendary German “men at arms” sword called the big knife. Back in the Middle Ages, such weapons moved from hand to hand through conquest and the spoils of war. Such a grand blade very well might have been wielded and treasured by one of our kin.

You might hang it on the wall but remember that it is there if you ever need to defend “your castle and kin”.

Second place

A short spear will be awarded to our second place A Class and Masters competitors. It a lethal weapon in its own right. It is light and double edged, so it would be a devastating weapon to meet in battle. We chose the short spear this year since we felt that it would be a secondary weapon to the sword but still a sound one to meet any foe on the field.

Our hope is that it will remind you of your day of glory for years to come.

Third Place

A bearded axe will be awarded to our third place finishers. It is a solid piece that could be used for throwing or hewing limbs.

Our hope is that it will be a sturdy reminder of a day that you stood on the field with these mighty men.